26 June, 2016


*Adopted* He has heifers, a bull, a steer, 100 chickens, two rabbits and seven cats. He has become the guardian of these livestock along with Bobby who was also adopted from us many years ago. Riley will be taking over from Daisy, who was adopted with Bobby, as she is working towards retirement. He has turned out to be a natural fit in his role as guardian. We are so happy for this boy!

We had a visitor arrive. He overnighted here before he continued on his journey to southern Ontario.

First, I want to send out, as always, a heartfelt thank you to Daniel for bringing him in. And, to Chrystal and Craig for doing the final two legs.

What an absolute joy Riley has been. His people obviously did a lot of work with him. He has no reaction to cars, people or kids walking or biking past him. We've seen a couple of smaller dogs. He's only wanted to say hello, so far. Apparently, he did react to a larger breed dog so time will tell.

As is typical of the first night with a dog coming into care, he barked at a few noises and he couldn't settle. However, when I awoke, he was sound asleep in the closet. He was one tired boy. This agitation dissipates as the dog becomes accustomed to his new surroundings and his people over the weeks. Remember, these dogs' lives have been turned upside down.

As one always has to do with a new dog coming in, I have kept him attached to me the whole time. He has not yet been neutered and will lift his leg as he desires. There have been no issues on that front. You also know nothing about the new dog, and they know nothing about you. You don't know each others' reaction to anything. It takes time to gain a mutual trust and respect so keeping the leash means safety for both you and the dog.

I've brushed him, done his nails and trimmed his paws a bit.

As an unneutered male (soon to be neutered), Ziti respects him from a distance. She is not ready to have him close to her but she hasn't put up any fuss. Sadly, he will be moving onto the rest of his journey to foster so they will not have the opportunity to play together. Max wants nothing to do with him, as is typical. He does not like to share Ziti.

He's a gangly year-old and will fill in nicely as he matures. I think he would be about 85 pounds at the moment.

17 April, 2016

5 years for the ban to take affect.

PET STORE BYLAW - April 13, 2016

Today, Ottawa City Council voted 21 to 3 to amend Bylaw 2011-241 with respect to restricting the sale of cats and dogs sold for profit in Ottawa pet stores and retail outlets.

A five year transition period to an adoption-only model for Ottawa pet stores will take effect.
As well, a 48 hour cooling off period on purchases will take effect. This is to protect both consumers and animals in the case of consumers who buy on impulse and then experience buyers remorse.
In addition, pet stores will be required to provide, at the time of purchase, all breeder information to customers who purchase a dog or a cat.

We commend the 21 Councillors and Mayor for their support of this amendment and thank them for their efforts. We would like to particularly commend Councillors Leiper, McKenney, Brockington and Fleury for their passionate advocacy on this issue at Council today.

Rideau-Goulbourn Ward Councillor Scott Moffatt opposed all motions, proving that he is not concerned about the welfare and protection of animals.

There is still much work to be done and we encourage everyone to continue using their voice to promote education and awareness for all the animals that continue to suffer in mills at the hands of human cruelty.

We also encourage the last three (3) pet stores who continue to sell cats and dogs for profit to embrace a more ethical and responsible business model before the five year transition period expires, and to join the 51 Ottawa pet stores who already enjoy success with a better business model.

31 March, 2016

One More Push

The March 21st meeting at City Hall was impressive. The room was overflowing into the corridors. Supporters from Quebec and Cambridge came, too.

Please email councillors with your say on their recommendations. Councillors vote on April 13th at City Hall. Your attendance is welcome to show your support.
Here is a sample letter:

I urge councillors to take into consideration the following measures:
  1. Reinstate rabbits in the by-law – they are also sourced from anonymous irresponsible backgrounds;
  2. Reduce the transition time to two (2) years but preferably to a few months, instead of five (5) years.
  3. The transition period for the following Canadian cities was: 
    • Toronto   12 months
    • Kingston   3 months
    • Mississauga   6 months
    • Waterloo   4 months
    • The city-wide smoking ban was implemented in fewer than four (4) months. It impacted many more businesses, and they transitioned successfully.
    • Over 4,000 people in favour of the ban, including myself, do not shop at those three (3) pet stores because they sell dogs, cats and rabbits.
  4. Follow the adoption model presently in place for the other over 50 pet stores.
In the meantime, during the transitioning phase, consider these measures:
  1. Ensure that pet stores publicly display the name and location of all providers of animals. Any ethical/reputable breeder is proud to show you their animals, where they live, and educate you on their care and if that breed is suitable for your family.
    • The three (3) pet shops claim all of their breeders are licensed and reputable, but they refuse to provide verifiable evidence to consumers.
    • Consumers have to be confident that they are *not* purchasing a pet sourced from a puppy, kitten or rabbit mill, and there is no evidence to prove this at present. Again, no reputable ethical breeder will ever sell to pet stores.
  2. Introduce a mandatory cooling off period for all potential consumers so they take home a pet ONLY after a 48-hour period after signing a contract of purchase which will be refundable should a consumer reconsider their decision after the 48-hours.
    • This will address the impulse buying of these sentient beings, and, help prevent unwanted animals at the shelters and rescues and from being dumped.
  3. Publicly display by-law and regulatory services information, in the event of public complaints.
Please take into the account the welfare of these animals. You've heard the stories from professionals, including a veterinarian, people who have worked in pet stores, volunteers with rescues and shelters, and recipients of pet store animals.

Over 93% of Ottawa residents support an immediate outright ban during the public consultations. Please, listen to our voices.

03 March, 2016

March 21 - Let's fill the room today!

This is our last chance. We must convince our councillors that this is the right thing to do. Shutting down the sale of pets in pet stores and retail outlets means another avenue closed to millers.
See the details here.

Monday, March 21st, 2016

City Hall
Champlain Room
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
9:30 a.m.

Come early to sign up to speak.

13 February, 2016

Have Your Say

~ ATTENTION: ~ JUST IN ~~ PLEASE PARTICIPATE ~~ PLEASE SHARE Public Consultation for banning pets in pet stores is now under way – Puppymill Awareness Working Solutions

Deadline for comments is Monday, February 29, 2016

City of Ottawa Pet Shop [Retail Outlet] By-law Review

For those who signed up by e-mail, you have already received the link directly from the City of Ottawa.

The City questionnaire represents an online public consultation, and is one of the most important steps in the process. If only 10 people respond, this issue will not be taken seriously.

There are only 2 options:

We have agreed with option 1 with supporting comments.

We have refused Option 2 for the below mentioned reasons:

If you agree with these comments, feel free to take them and implement them into your own response.

**** Option 2 is not a reasonable option and will not be supported by PAWS for the following reasons**** :
  1. More monitoring of the pet stores does not address the sourcing issue. Many sources are from outside the City of Ottawa limits, and, therefore, fall outside the scope of the city's jurisdiction to enforce. This is done deliberately by stores to avoid enforcement. This is already an issue under the current bylaw, where stores produce papers that the City of Ottawa has no jurisdiction to verify or validate.
  2. It presumes that the sources for these pet stores are reputable breeders. First, the sources are never reputable as CKC breeders are prohibited from selling to pet stores. Secondly, papers may be produced by the store, but this does not validate whether a breeder is ethical or responsible. Even if the papers are legitimate, they only confirm that a breeder has a licence from whatever municipality they are located in, to breed non-CKC animals.
  3. This approach will involve additional areas for compliance and impose a significant additional workload on city bylaw staff. The City currently investigates only on a complaint basis and, as the City has stated, they have had no complaints. A proactive approach will require additional city resources, both personnel and financial. With current City of Ottawa budgetary pressures, it is highly unlikely that more money would be allocated for this, whereas option 1 will save the city money, time and resources.
  4. Therefore, while seeking to impose greater obligations and controls on pet stores, it is likely not feasible that bylaw officials have the capacity to meet this new mandate.
  1. Continuing to sell animals in retail outlets does not address other key issues:
    • To stop the impulse purchase of pets;
    • Reduce the breeding of animals from substandard breeders while thousands languish and suffer, and are euthanized en masse at taxpayer funded shelters.
  1. The City of Ottawa has no jurisdiction over online or newspaper sales of pets. By continuing to actively allow retail sales of pets in city licensed stores, the City is effectively promoting and condoning these sales, and is complicit in the ongoing proliferation of breeding animals for profit.
  2. As more surrounding municipalities continue to favour legislation in support of banning the sale of pets in pet stores, Ottawa runs the very high risk of becoming the dumping ground for substandard breeders to offload their animals, increasing the problem exponentially.

Pet Shop By-law Review | City of Ottawa

12 February, 2016

Come on Canada!

If you would like to help stop puppy mills in Canada, check out Ruby's Love Letter Legacy.

Join and share Ruby's facebook page.

It's 2016. The fact that puppy mills/backyard breeders even exist is appalling. Dogs are sentient beings as are all animals.

Thank you for your support.

10 January, 2016



Marlee was acquired from a farmer. Her person 'sold' her at eight months due to changes in her life. The person who acquired her then surrendered her to us due to allergies. We are very glad to have her. Unfortunately, she spent her six months with this woman, when outside, tied up by her pronged collar. The woman didn't know any better, I don't think. This is cruelty. Marlee had such good ground work in her life that she hasn't been affected by it.

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Thankfully, she was well-cared for by her first person. She sure knows her sit and down. The little liver treats do wonders. She is a lovebug. She is a very happy girl at 14-months old. She is about 80 pounds.

I took the prong off her right away and put another collar on her. I put the harness on to walk her since I couldn't tell how sensitive her neck was although she seemed okay. The red tinge around her scruff is a give away to the metal that was on her neck.

Her eyes already have a bit of red staining in the corners. I'm not sure why. Perhaps the food she was on.

When she came in the house, she was just a happy girl although, of course, stressed. She didn't sleep very well but when she did, she was out like a light. Hence, I got little sleep. Everytime I got onto the couch, she became very stimulated and got up with me but all over me. I had to get her back off and she settled in, again.
That's a smile! You can't miss the red/brown scruff.
Up in the morning to get ready for her transport to her potential adopters in Southern Ontario. We walked until she pooped. We came back and she ran like crazy in the yard. What a girl! Oh, yes, I did my usual nail trimming since they probably hadn't been done in six months. Especially the dew claws. A little dried liver and the dews were done. I needed some help which wasn't available right away to complete the rest of the nails but I did at least five others. Good girl, Marlee Mae.

She had a little to eat, drink and into the car she went.

Her potential adopters have much Pyr experience and fell in love with Marlee at first photo. I have spoken at length with them via Skype and they will provide the perfect home for this little girl. She has a Golden and a Rottie friend with whom to play and a beautiful securely fenced yard. She will also be spayed and micro-chipped by them which is extremely generous.

*UPDATE* With Chrystal and Susan running tandem transport, she arrived to her new family. She has fit in beautifully in her new home.  She went crazy playing with her new dog friends. Went for a walk with them and then went into a deep sleep. It's always such a huge day for a rescue dog going it a new home.